Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Digital Collage

~Some Of The Applications Listed Above~
2)Mozilla Firefox.
5)Google Chrome. This is an applicantion you can download on the google website.
6)Youtube. Website for viewing videos posted by people all around the world(bet you knew that :D)
8)MSN. A programme for chatting with your family and friends.
9)Windows Live.
10)Yahoo. (dont need to explain what this is :D)

My favourtite application is......
I like Facebook the most because I can chat with my old classmates and catch up with them on how their new school is, I can also play games and challenge my friends.
Overall Facebook is a Fun application.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Blogging Exprience

As this was my first time creating a blog, the guide on how to create your own blog was very useful. When i started on the blog I had the resource for a picture from Google, i also had to try and recall the emotions I had that day and time.
I think blogging can be part of our learning experience as bloggs are a good way to share information and discuss on topics. Bloggs are also useful to help us to get to know each other better which will help us be more comfortable when we are studying.

Mixed Emotions

I used this image as the picture shows the mixed feelings of the people on the roller coaster. Feelings of excitement, happiness and apprehensiveness can be seen on the faces of different people. When I first recieved the news that I had gotten a comfirmed place in SST I was extremely thankful, excited and happy. The feeling of apprehension was due the fact that I did not know what to excpect in SST. The picture above can be found from the website listed below.