Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1st picture:This picture shows Lucas having a conversation with someone the picture also shows Bernard smiling as he has just heard a piece of good news.

2nd picture: This shows Jin Hao running around and playing catching with his friends to relieve stress.

3rd picture:Gavin looks stressed out and seems like he wants to scream his head off due to too much stress


  1. The pictures for 1st and 2nd, the objects were not focused on the object and tilting didn't really help as it did not enable us to look more objects.

  2. there were too many activities in the 1st and 2nd picture. the centre of the second picture was not occupied by the object but a distraction instead. Gavin's head was quite blur in the 3rd picture

  3. Photo 1: The person you are trying to take is outside the point of focus and there is also a person closer to the camera to the right that is distracting the viewer. There is also too many distractions in the background. However the lighting is okay.

    Photo 2: The person is in photo 2 is outside the point of focus and too far away from the camera.

    Photo 3: Photo 3 is a bit blurry but overall, the person was in the point of focus and the lighting was just right. The lines in the background also give the photo more depth.

  4. The first two photo have distractions while the last photo lighting conditions was bad.

  5. Picture 1: The photo is slanted though it is clear. Who is the focus in this picture? Bernard or Lucas? No intended focus object.

    Picture 2: Photo not focused, blur, lighting is too bright. Seems to be a candit-shot, taken while Jin Hao was running. Focus object not in center of image thus backround people could be a distraction.

    Picture 3: The lighting is acceptable but his face seems a little blur. Focus is in the centre, Good!