Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ergonomics (Product description and idea trigger

Improved product
Current product
The product is meant to be used as a bottle, jar opener. At first look the product does not look very attractive as there is only once colour for the whole product. The colour of the product is also very dull as it is a dark green and makes it look unappealing.

Some design considerations are like if it will appeal to all ages of people, the product also cannot be too small or too big as it would be very bulky or too small for some people to handle, the colour of the product is also another consideration they need to take note of, as if the colour is very dull no one would want to buy it.

The product is not elderly friendly as the edges of the inner side of the product are sharp and they can hurt the elderly by cutting their hands or fingers. When opening a bottle of jar it takes a lot of strength to open the bottle or jar.

They could make the product more colour full and attractive by using lighter colours and they could also make the edges of the inner surface curved so that it will not be as sharp and instead of using plastic in the inner edges they could use rubber as it will provide more friction and so the elderly will need to use less strength when opening a bottle or jar.

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