Tuesday, July 13, 2010


1) The first work station is very cluttered and the equipment on the table is not very space saving, the chair is also not very comfortable, the computer is also taking up a lot of space and the modem of the computer is on the table, the second word station is very neat and the equipment help the office worker save space and work easier, the chair of that workspace is also much more comfortable and the computer is mounted on a rail while the modem is under the table so it is much more space-efficent.

2) Workplace 2 is preferred. The equipment at workspace 2 is more user-friendly and saves space, it is also easier to operate, the chair at workspace 2 is also more comfortable, unlike workspace 1 where the equipment takes up a lot of space and is very hard to operate with the limited space on the table.

3) Some considerations that you should take are like, what are common needs by most office workers and what kind of functions do they like or need in a certain kind of product, we should also take into consideration how much it would cost to manufacture that product and whether companies or office workers would buy it.

4) Ergonomics is important when designing a product as you need to study what are peoples need and how they work in their working environment to be able the design a product which is able to help them out the most in their work.

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